25 November, 2006

TV – It’s a wonderful world

Posted in General at 21:54 by Cam

As the title suggests TV is a wonderful world, or at least it can be depending on a number of factors. On the face of it TV is a simple medium by which we receive entertainment but underneath it is a complex beast that can both frustrate and delight at the same time.

I guess what this blog aims to do over time is discuss some of the issues with TV (both good and bad) that can impact on the viewers enjoyment. Most of the discussion will come from a UK perspective but it would be good to get a comparative angle from other countries around the world. To some extent the USA will feature quite a lot as UK channels do import a large number of programs/shows from there and this will come up in discussions.

What I hope to do over time is post on various topics relating to TV that either bug me or delight me and hope this will spark some interesting debates. An important note though is that while certain channels/programs/shows might get criticised on here it must be acknowledged that not all TV appeals to all viewers and this difference has to be respected. No-one should simply say because they don’t like a program it is rubbish, as this in itself is meaningless, but giving structured reasons as to why you don’t like it will be much more useful. Sometimes it can be as simple as a particular program just not being “your thing” and this I believe is a valid viewpoint as well.

TV – so much to watch, so little time.


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